Twitter decided to launch “Color Chat”.

To test new features, just hit the 1000 app in the toolbar: File Photo

Micro-Blogging Website Twitter has decided to introduce a new feature “Color Chat”.

The world’s leading micro-blogging site has begun to introduce new feature bubble ‘and’ color chat ”. With these new features Twitter users will now be able to chat using different colors with their friends and friends.

To test these features, Twitter Administration has introduced prototype app called ‘Toter’. However, only this app has been included in this app, which will give feedback on their performance by using this new feature by using this feature. The new features will be introduced to the app only after the positive feedback comes.

According to the Twitter administration, the Company launched the prototype “toaster” app last year in Consumer Electronics Show, any user can download this app, the company will make test users only to 1000 users.

This new app has been created in the form of a bubble chat circle, where there is a clerical code to respond to the message so that everyone can identify you easily. Apart from this, the option of accessing a message, re-twitter, share and other information is hidden within the receipt.

The features that are discussed during the testing feature that are “Status update” &features that end the distance between people.


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