Crisis New Zealand: Understand the Background of Terror


West media calls for shootings instead of terrorism, where terrorists are being mentally referred to as mental illness in the two mosques of the Crystal Church in New Zealand. Although there is a slight consideration, then it will be known that it is not an individual’s attack on a mental patient, but an extremist religious genocide has been carried out with the entire plan of which the thought of thinking and the whole group is involved in the background. Different names and some events have been written on the gun, magazine, and the bullet proof jacket, whose background is seen, it will be known that extremism is touching the boundaries in the west.

Tours on the gun magazine are written 732. The same is one of the ten most decisive battles in the history of Battle Taurus, in which the Muslim lubricant led by Western forces in France, led by the great journal Abdullaud al-Fayyaz of Khilafat, was captured. But unfortunately, it was defeated by the Muslim forces. According to the historians, if the Muslim winner lived in this war, Muslims would occupy the whole world and date would have been different, but the Salar of the Western forces, Charles Martel Due to Shujaat and better strategy, Muslim lubricants could never move beyond that in Europe, therefore, in the course of battle in today’s battle. There is a question on Yazdan, some of which have written “Here the devil’s steps were stopped”, the terrorist attacking the mosque also wrote the name of Charles Martel on his gun. Thousands of Muslims including Muslim Amir Lashkar in War Trouser In addition to the testimony, it is also referred to as “Marka Bilaat-e-Shuhda (معرکہ بلاط شہدا”) in Arabic.

The Sigismund Of Luxemburg is also written on the gun. The king led the Crusaders to “Battle Nicolas Paul” against the Ottoman Empire, and liberated Bulgaria from Turks. Later he formed the dragon of a permanent union of Christian forces to fight Muslims.

Another name on the attacker’s gun is also of the Feliks Kazimierz Potoski, the Polish warrior gained fame from joining the battles against the Ottoman Turks, and in the battle of Podhajce, he defeated the Muslim Tatats in a decisive defeat. Similarly, another name Josue Estabnez is also written that the spouse’s youngest refugee was murdered in 2007. Another name is the Sebastiano Vainer on the gun of the invaders, this famous naval battle was a rich island of Crusades in the battle of Lepanto and its Ottoman Navy was defeated.

Another name that we see on the gun is Anton Lundin Peterson, that 22-year-old Swedish teen was attacked by a schoolgirl and killed a two-month-old teacher and a student in 2015.

Another name is Skanderbeg on the gun of the attacker. In the past, the Albanian warrior, who lived in the Turkish army, joined the forces of Naples and Venus in the mid-fifteenth century in Macedonia and Albania, in the rebellions against Ottoman Empire.

A little unspecified name on the attacker’s magazine has also written Antonio Marco Bragadin, a state-run military commander, a military commander who broke down a contract during the “Siege Of Famagusta” sealed by Ottoman people. Was killed and subsequently suffering from chronic death on the hands of Turks.

The name of the Alexander Bissonate on the trap of the gun, which killed six worshipers by attacking a mosque in Quebec in Canada, in 2017.

The Viana 1683 is also written on the gun, which reminds Vienna’s famous siege from Solomon Eli-Shan, which was led by Mustafa Pasha and was the last attempt of Europe by the Ottoman people. The crusaders failed after the tough competition led by the head of the European Union John 3 Sobieski. In Europe today even this siege is remembered.

The invaders also wrote Anre 1189 on the gun that reminds the famous Sierra Leone, when the King of Jerusalem’s Crusader King responded against the Sultan Salahuddin, the siege continued for two years, in which the Crusaders After this success it led to the third crusade war.

The name of the Iosif Gurko was also written on gun. In the nineteenth century Russian field marshal war, which showed anti-war against Turks, and especially the war against Ottoman forces in the war of Crimea. The invaders gunned down Refugees welcome in hell is also written on the drain, in which the refugees threatened to reach hell in western countries.

The invaders, knowing their commitment, have written all these things very intensely, which are giving a clear message of love and cruelty of the past and the rear start of the past, and this wave of flesh is especially for the Muslims living in the West. There is a serious alarm …

Another considerable thing is that the names of the warlords written on the gun are Polish, Russian, Spanish, Canadian, Roman, German linguistic and French, but in general all of them were Islamist, ie, all the invaders Understands a nation …

This place is a lesson for the Muslim Ummah that is confused among the sects and the fascinating forces that your enemy does not forget anything even after thousands of years. He is also aware of his history, and he is still the enemy for him. He is also proud of his favors. And proud of the story of the bravery of our salaries.

It was said that the Lawrence of Arabia was also associated with the stories of childhood knights Templers and the love of the crusade fortresses in Syria was very intense … And when the Allies fought in the Great War seven hundred Years later, Jerusalem conquered Jerusalem and the winner in the evening of the fame, when French General Henry Grove entered Damascus, first stepped on the position of Sultan Salahuddin Avobi in the belief of Umayyad, then it would be historical words. “AWAKE SALADIN WE’RE BACK”


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