Apple offers iPad Air and iPod Mini with modern Pencil

ایپل نے دو نئے آئی پیڈ متعارف کروائے ہیں جن کی فروخت 26 مارچ سے شروع ہوجائے گی (فوٹو: ایپل)
(Photo by Apple):Apple introduced two new iPad’s whose sales will begin on March 26

Apple company has surprisedly released its new iPod model, which includes a half-inch screen IPad and iPod Mini-Fi. A modern drawing pencil is also accompanied by both of them.

(Photo by Apple)

Apple has done iPod mini releases four years later version version. You can now order it now, iPad Air Price is $ 400 and 7.9 Inch iPod Mini Money Price $ 500. It will be available in iPod Silver, Space Gray and Gold Color, with a capacity of 64 and 256 GB. Apple announced its sale on March 26.

According to Apple, they are modernized from the new A12 biochemical chip, which is three times faster than previous iPod, while graphic processing has been kept 9 fold faster. Turnout technology has been used in iPod air display, although it is 20 times larger than previous iPod Air but weighs only 456 grams. IPad Money has been launched when smartphones around the globe are expanding and making choices.

(Photo by Apple)

With Retina Display, it also has Apple Pencil Support



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