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Purchases & Refunds

You request a refund by unenrolling from the course within the refund eligibility period outlined here: For verified certificate purchases, you have 14 days after your purchase date or 14 days after your course starts, whichever comes later, to request a refund. For Professional Education courses, you have 2 days after your purchase date or 2 days after your course starts, whichever comes later, to request a refund. In courses that offer the ability to change course sessions, in addition to unenrolling, you have the option of changing to another session of the course, or leaving your session and waiting until a later session that works for you becomes available. For these courses, if the refund eligibility period has passed (meaning that you are not eligible for a refund), the unenroll option also becomes unavailable.
To get a Course Certificate for a course, you will need to pay a fee. For some courses, paying the fee also gives you access to other course features, like graded assignments. Course prices Some courses on Bin Ahmad Institute are offered for a one-time payment that lasts for 180 days. You can see how much a course costs on the course home page. Payments in some areas may include a sales tax. Sales tax will be listed on your checkout page. Other courses are part of Specializations, which means they are available through subscription payments. When you subscribe to courses in a Specialization, you pay a fee every month which gives you access to all courses in that Specialization. To see subscription costs and options for a course or Specialization: 1- Log into your account 2- Open the home page for the course or Specialization you want to see the prices for 3- Click Enroll
When you pay for a course, your payment will expire 180 days from the payment date, or 180 days from the start date of the course, whichever is later. During this 180-day period, you may attempt the course multiple times. If you don't earn your Certificate within 180 days, you'll need to pay the fee again. This expiration policy may be different for some courses. Check your course's information page and your payment confirmation email for any exceptions.
Credit cards You can make payments on Bin Ahmad Institute using the following Cards: Visa MasterCard Jazz Cash UBL Omni Easy Paisa For Check & Banking Transfer Contact [email protected] PH :n 03328776333

Account Setup

To start taking classes on Bin Ahmad Institute, you'll need to set up an account. To make a Bin Ahmad Institute account: Go to At the top of the page, click Sign up. Choose whether you want to provide a name, email, and password or link your Bin Ahmad Institute account to your Facebook / Google+ profile. Open your e-mail Copy OTP Code Put it on setup page Check your e-mail again & follow the link Once you create your account, you can change your account settings any time.
You can use Bin Ahmad Institute on a computer and mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. If you're having problems with Bin Ahmad Institute, you might be able to solve them by making sure you're using a supported browser or device, and making sure it's updated. Supported browsers Bin Ahmad Institute supports the most recent versions of the following browsers on computers: Google Chrome (recommended) Firefox Safari Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft Edge If you're using an older browser, updating your browser can help solve problems.
If you're already logged in to your Bin Ahmad Institute account, you can change your password using your Account Settings page. If you forgot your Bin Ahmad Institute password, you can reset it. To reset your password: Open the Reset Password page. Enter the email address you use with your Bin Ahmad Institute account. We'll send you an email to change your Bin Ahmad Institute password. If you don't get an email after a few minutes, check your spam folder. After you change or reset your password, you may need to clear your browser before using your new password.
Missing mobile purchase
If you purchased a course on iOS or Android, it's possible that the course was not registered to your account. Please email your purchase receipt to [email protected]
Multiple e-mail accounts
If you use multiple e-mail accounts, or have a Facebook or Google account, try logging in with the associate e-mail addresses.

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